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Are you looking for new challenges in machine learning? Do you want to push your comfort zone? You came to the right place!

Online Lab

Our main focus is generative models in chemistry and biology (Reinforcement Learning, GAN,...), and their applications to drug discovery and organic photovoltaics. They promise to disrupt the world of health and energy.

Open Innovation Partnerships

Partner with us for your open innovation project, whether you are a Biopharma company, or a Nonprofit. We bring a fresh approach to crowdsourcing.

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Build your Intellectual Property with invite-only projects. Ask us for details!

Featured Members of the Community

Mostapha Benhenda Data Entrepreneur
Paris, France
Sebastian Romero Crypto Expert @ Swarm Fund
Palo Alto CA, United States
Al Mahdi Marhou Data Scientist @ Université Ibn Tofail
Rabat, Morocco
Giulia Paris Business Developer
Paris, France